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Владимир Плаза

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Eye Microsurgery Center

"Eye Microsurgery Center" is on the ground floor of the "VLADIMIR-PLAZA" complex.

Eye Microsurgery Center
Eye Microsurgery Center
Eye Microsurgery Center
Eye Microsurgery Center

Second wind of the Eye Microsurgery Center

The pace of development of ophthalmology, scientific and technological progress require constant updating of technological support and principles of approach to the treatment of eye diseases. In this regard, in 2019, we conducted a large-scale reorganization of the Eye Microsurgery Center in the Vladimir Plaza Complex with the update of medical equipment, the introduction of new technologies in the treatment of diseases of the visual organ.

The staff of our clinic consists of highly qualified doctors with extensive experience, candidates of medical Sciences, consulting professors, doctors of medical Sciences of leading research institutes and centers of Russia. Our specialists have all the necessary experience and knowledge to help you in solving any issue related to eye diseases, from the usual routine examination to surgical treatment.

Each patient should be sure that the diagnosis and treatment will be performed at the highest level with the use of the most modern methods, materials and equipment that meet international standards and have the necessary certificates and permits for use in medical institutions of the Russian Federation.

To form an innovative approach to providing ophthalmic care, we have combined the experience of the most successful foreign and Russian outpatient surgical centers.

The path to enlightenment begins with us!


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Центр микрохирургии глаза

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